Captain America, often simply called Cap, is an American superhero by Marvel. Captain America has almost always been Steve Rogers. Steve Rogers was enhanced by a special serum, in an experiment by the United States to help win World War II. He carries a shield that acts like a boomerang which can be thrown. The shield is made of vibranium-steel alloy.

Captain America's costume is mainly blue, with a motif of the American flag, and red boots and gloves.

Cap is a very patriotic hero, fighting against Nazis to defend his country. The serum enhanced his abilities, including expert acrobatic skills and masterful use of his shield.

Captain America technically does not have any "superhuman" powers, however the Super-Soldier serum still increased his endurance, speed, and reflexes to human perfection. Roger's experiences in the battlefield have given him a vast amount of field and military knowledge.

Captain America was ranked 6th on IGN's top 100 comic book heroes in 2011.

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