Wolverine is a mutant superhero by Marvel. He was born James Howlett but is usually called Logan. Wolverine possesses very acute senses and a powerful healing ability. Wolverine has been a member of the X-Men, Alpha Flight, and Avengers.

The most notable feature of Wolverine is his retractable adamantium claws. His claws are a powerful offensive and defensive weapon. The metal alloy adamantium is bonded to his skeleton and is very strong.

Wolverine's costume has changed quite a lot. It was originally mainly yellow with some blue, and it had a mask. Later versions do not have a mask, and usually consist of a dark jacket and jeans.

Wolverine is sometimes known as an anti-hero because of his determined but slightly violent nature.

Wolverine was ranked 4th on the top 100 comic heroes in May 2011.

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